Offering my clients a way to save money on Mass Sales Tax and deliverables.

I am now offering my clients a way to save money on Mass Sales Tax and deliverables. Mass Sales Tax is now not needed to be applied to photographers fees if the files are delivered electronically only. Like through DropBox. But if any of the project is delivered physically, like a DVD or Flash Drive, then the whole project is subject to MA sales tax. The one issue with DropBox file transfer is that most of my projects use a lot of file storage space.

Able to Provide TIFF Files

To help cut down on files sizes. I am now offering the electronically delivered files in 8 Bit TIFF files, instead of the 16 Bit TIFFs. Which in files size goes from ~96 megabits to ~46 megabits. The difference in bit size is negligible unless you plan to enlarge the file for print to a very big print size…like 3’ x 4’ or larger, or if you plan to crop down to under 10% of the total file. Then you may see a little degradation. If you as a client decide to have the files delivered electronically only,  you will be provided a DropBox link.

How to Use Dropbox

You will have one week to download the files. After which they will be removed to open storage space for other clients. I always keep back up copies of all my work so if your files become lost you will always have an ace in the whole. (after a 90 days of delivery of a project, a retrieval fee will be uncured for this service.)

Delivering electronically also saves my clients the cost of media (CD/DVD/Flash Drives) and shipping.

ShupeStudios is always looking for ways to save my clients money.

Delivering Photography Digitally only,  removes the requirement of charging MA Sales Tax.