The Bird’s Eye View: Helicopter Aerials for Architectural Photography

When it comes to getting shots of a home or commercial building, you can do a lot from the ground to showcase general or specific details. But for showing the scale of your architecture, your landscape, and your relation to the places around you, you need to go higher. Today we go over using helicopter aerials to get those perfect shots, and why to choose them over alternatives.


The Benefits of Aerial Photography

Besides the very real benefit of have those bird’s eye view of your property mentioned above, aerial photography has some other benefits that make it worthwhile. Not only does it establish scope, it can be useful to highlight your surroundings like key roads, waterways, and other attractions that can’t be seen from the ground level.


They can also help plan future expansions by using their sight line and shadow line data for new construction. Lastly, just the inclusion of aerial photography in your gallery shows you’re going the extra mile and expense to fully show off your buildings, something which viewers will recognize and appreciate.


Helicopter Vs. Drone Photography

Drone photography has been up and coming when it comes to aerial shots, but it’s not always the best option. It isn’t something you can do yourself unless you’re willing to put down $50k worth of equipment and a pilot license to do it right, and requires you to be both pilot and photographer. Helicopters also have the advantage of sheer lift, meaning a suite of full-sized and professional cameras can be used.


Preparing the Aerial Shoot

When you’re working with a photographer for an aerial photoshoot, communication is key. When I am commissioned, I like to walk the site to learn about the constraints and where lighting will be during the shoot. During the flight day, it’s important to have someone on the ground to liaison with the airborne photographer to keep the site clear and troubleshoot any issues. Clear flight plans with any airports that you plan to work within their air space.


I love doing helicopter photography and have years of experience in this field. If you’re interested in discussion aerial or non-aerial architectural photography for your property and buildings in the greater Boston area, contact me at Shupe Studios.