Personal Touch: Including Staff in Your Photography

When it comes to attracting both clients and employees, photography of your buildings, projects, and work can make the difference between a call and a trip back to Google. As we talked about in our blog, Adding the Human Element to Architectural Photography, having people in your photos helps bring life to them. As such, including yourself and your staff in your photography can help provide a personal and humanizing element in your photography, especially for small companies and their websites.


Show a Productive Business

Show how business is zooming right along, that staff and employees are working. Show them working out of different locations, in formal and informal settings, and generally being productive and happy. This is good for potential clients, but also for drumming up interest to work for your company.


Add Interest in Your Products and Services

Show that you work out of an amazing place where you pay attention to the needs of your staff and clients. Show off the little things from your production equipment to your waiting rooms. Anywhere you’ve put in time and care, show it off.


Show Your Company’s Fun Side

Your employees are human beings, it’s important to highlight this. Capture the fun of day-to-day work, special events your company is involved in, and all other humanizing aspects. This is not only a good recruitment tool, but also excellent fodder for social media.


Promote Your Team

Don’t forget to capture the team in group shots. Individual staff photography is great for individual staff bios, but make sure capture the whole team and groups. Not only is this useful to show cohesion to clients and customers, but also helps promote internal unity.


Some More Examples of Staff Photography

Interested in learning more about how to take your company photography to the next level? Then it’s time to contact Shupe Studios. We provide photography to the businesses of Boston and beyond.