Does My Business Need Better Photography?

The answer to this question can be summed up with: yes. However, the more important thing to think about is when does your business need better photography. You will reach milestones, from the growth of your business to unveiling new projects, products, or services, which need new photography to better succeed. Below are some of the major events for which better photography is needed.


Refreshing Your Website? Refresh Your Photography

The first interaction for more and more people with your company will be online, either from their phone or computer. Companies need to update or completely redesign their websites every few years. Your photography should be updated to be in line with your new design and everything else that has changed in those years.


Also Important for Your Online Presence

This same photography, especially product, location, and staff photography, should also be used in online listing services for your industry, including your Google Business page and social media.


Get Imagery for New Products and Services

Excited about products you’re providing? Make a good first impression by getting professional shots of these as well as your entire product line. Services can also be done, especially with a professional photographer to help you stage the shots. Learn about how to include staff in shots in our blog, Personal Touch: Including Staff in Your Photography.


Get Seasonal Shots of Ongoing or Finished Projects

For construction, remodels, or even commercial housing such as apartments or hotels, make sure to capture the project in the best seasons, even if it’s just an update. Having spring, summer, and fall shots (you can even shoot in winter with a little Photoshop magic) are great if you’re expecting clients any season.


Need a critical eye on your current business photography? Contact Shupe Studios. We’re a Boston-area photography studio specializing in architectural photography, but also do staff and product photography, making us your one-stop shop for business photography.