Shooting Beautiful Building Photography on a Rainy Day

For many events, a rainy day can spell disaster. But for architectural photography, this doesn’t always mean having to throw in the towel. On cloudy and even rainy days, there are some great photos to be taken. The following are a few ways I’ve found over my years of experience to turn the negative of overcast and rains into a positive of better architectural photography.


Dealing with Deep Shadows

Light and shadow can be the biggest allies or enemies of any photographer. In late fall, winter, and early spring, the sun’s low angle leads to deep shadows on a shoot even in full sunlight. A cloudy day can help diffuse this light and help soften both the highs and lows, including deep dark created by trees and shadows working together.


Adding Interest to the Exterior

Right after a rain is a great time to capture more texture and details on your outdoor surfaces. Rain-washed driveways can provide a reflection of the building, and extra shine to surfaces. With that said, you may still need to spend some time after a rain getting everything photo ready.


Greener Lawns and Leaves

Likewise after a rainstorm, many of the colors of nature tend to pop. Lawns and other green spaces will be greener and lusher. During the fall, this rain adds brilliance and intensity to the changing colors of the trees.


The Perks of Twilight Without the Wait

Before I’ve talked about the magic of shooting in twilight, and how it can help balance interior and exterior lighting and make interior shooting really special. Heavy cloud cover can provide much of the same equalized lighting.


With heavy clouds and rains a stable of New England, it’s important to be able to not just shoot around the weather, but also use the benefits it provide on photoshoots. Here at Shupe Studios, it’s something I’ve been doing for over 15 years in the greater Boston area. Interested in learning more? Contact me today to get started.