Adding the Human Element to Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is just that: photography that focuses on the structure of buildings, from their exterior facades to individual interior rooms. And while the purpose of these shots can differ, from helping sell a home to showcasing facilities, it’s easy to forget about the human element. In this blog, we’re going to view how bringing people into the mix in photography can add unexpected depth to your photos.


1. Providing a Sense of Scale

If you’re showing off a great building (interior or exterior) that is large, open, or both, placing people in the shot can help ground the photo’s sense of scale. This is especially important in shots where other common reference points (such as furniture or vehicles) are absent.


2. Establishing a Welcoming Environment

Depending on the purpose of the photo and the industry, having all your photos without people can make your building seem cold and sterile. By placing staff and other people in your shoots, you can help add warmth and emotion to your photography.


3. Showing the Skill of Your Staff

From chefs hard at work in the kitchen to technicians operating advanced medical technology, having staff in your photography can help underline both their skills and help give the room purpose. This can also simply highlight customer service, as part of the above welcoming environment.


4. Showing Your Experiences

If your business is all about providing an experience, placing people into your photography can help viewers imagine themselves in those places themselves. This is especially true if you can capture emotion and experiences with those people in the photography.


5. Showing Popularity

Lastly, if your establishment is about popularity (such as a restaurant, expo center, stadium, etc.), having shots with no people can work against you. If your business is about having a social setting and a shared experience, that’s something worth capturing.

If you’re looking for great architectural photography that pays attention to this and all the other fine details that separates good photography from great photography, please contact Shupe Studios. We’re a Boston-area photography studio specializing on architectural photography.