Three Thing to Look for When Starting with Architectural Photographers

We live in a world where pictures say a thousand words, but there are also thousands of pictures. To set yourself above this sea of photography, it’s time to bring on a professional to photograph your building inside and out. Below I give three tips to help you find the right architectural photographer.

One: Experience

Why not do it yourself, or try out “that guy” one of your friends or family might know? Experience is more than just knowledge of how to take a picture (see A Good Eye below), it’s about knowing what they need to pull off those amazing shots.

From an understanding of composition and construction to the right equipment: experience speaks volumes. Check their portfolio and see what work they have done in the past, and make sure to see how long they have been in business.

Two: A Good Eye

When you see great architectural photography, what you’re not seeing is the painstaking attention to all the details. Things like time of day might seem like small potatoes, but from how the light changes the scene composition to cloud vs. clear skies can cause massive headaches.

A photographer who knows when to shoot and how to work around these issues is vital. Ask a potential photographer what conditions they need to shoot in, and make sure they have they have the flexibility and timing needed to pull off your shots.

Three: A Master of Photoshop

Taking the shot is only the first step of great photos. Imagine manipulation software, particularly Photoshop, make already great photos even better. From removing the haze from the skyline to making the New England snow pop, post-processing is a vital skill for the best photographers.

Notice all the highlighted cracks.

Notice all the highlighted cracks.

All fixed with Photoshop.

All fixed with Photoshop.

Check and see if your photographer has experience in Photoshop. If they use another platform beware: Photoshop is first in its field for a reason, and so are those who use it.

And if you’re looking for someone with all three of these, contact Shupe Studios.