Photography in Winter: Making Lemons into Lemonade

Winter can be some of the most challenging time to capture sales-driving images. Snow, melting snow, and slush are not appealing to prospective clients. It hides normally beautiful things.


How to Shoot Around the Melt (And Photoshop After)

January started off with 2 very challenging projects. The first was an apartment complex with a just finished model on Revere Beach with snow and ice on the beach, in addition to ice buildup due to the very cold spell, adding a frothy icy layer on the tide. I got the call the morning of the day, a sunny turning quickly cloudy day right before the astronomically high tides and major snow storm pummeled the Massachusetts coast. I was on site 45 minute, shooting, after the request came in: the images are need to prove to prospective renters that the project is coming along nicely, something renderings can not prove. 


You can see the snow and ice out the window here. But in this image I worked to make it look more like foam.


Or in this case, I lowered the camera to hid the ice layer with the window frame, plus retouching the snow on the sand.


Here I picked out a camera angle to downplay the ice at the coast edge. Then lightening the street scene and sand to make it wash away visually. Finally, I added summer warm image to the TV with colors that complemented the interior fabrics.


And here is the original file: you can see the differences with the colder colors and bleaker view.


Picking the Right Angles in Winter

The second project was at apartment complex in the Worcester area, who needs images of their common areas now. After arriving on site and starting photograph, I recommended to not shoot from this angle till spring summer when the pool is open and full of color.


Instead, I took shoots from the windowed corner looking in, highlighting the interior instead of the the view exterior.

In closing, I love the challenges each season and weather constraints provide. I work hard to find fun, creative, good solutions. Need help? Contact Shupe Studios today: we provide photography year-round and the expert solutions to make it possible.