Spring Photography: The Perfect Time for Architectural Photography

Spring has sprung, and New England has finally shaken off the last of the snow. As businesses can finally complete construction and landscaping, it’s important to deal with one other thing you’ve been holding off: professional photography. From commercial businesses to apartments, resorts, and even the one-time business of selling a home, the springtime is the perfect time to get your exterior photography done.


Following Up Landscaping with Photography

The sound of snowblowers is replaced by lawn mowers. As you finish up landscaping projects, from ground maintenance to larger project put on ice during winter, plan ahead for photography once everything comes together. Want to start right now? With a  good photographer, you can even get photography done with unfinished landscape construction.


April Showers Bring May Flowers

What does May bring? Perfect moments for outdoor photography. Many flowers and flowering trees have narrow windows for those perfect blooms. Make sure to know what the best times are on the grounds and schedule a photographer to be ready when they bloom, regardless of the weather.


Getting Ready for Summer Customers

For hotels and resorts, your boom season is just around the corner. You know how vital good photography is for online bookings, so it’s important to have new photography for a new season and to show off all renovations and new buildings. Spring is a perfect time to get new photography in time for reservations.


If you’re looking to capture the beauty of your business or home this spring, contact Shupe Studios. We’re a Boston-area photography studio specializing in architectural photography for all occasions, with the flexible schedules and post-processing work to make sure your architecture is captured in the perfect light. See more of our work in our photography landscape galley.