Indoor Photography: Shooting Bathrooms, Pools, and Locker Rooms

When it comes to getting photography for your building, from professional photography for selling a residential home to showing off a commercial space, you may need to show off the linoleum, tile, and mirrored space of a bathroom, pool, or locker room. These can be hard spaces to show off in a complete and flattering light, but can be vital for showing off a space many viewers will be interested to see.


Architectural Photography for Bathrooms

This is an often-overlooked part of architectural photography, and can be very time consuming to get the perfect shot. This is why it’s so important to have a walkthrough set up with the photographer before the day of the shoot to properly scope the project and troubleshoot or avoid bathroom-related problems that could crop up on the day of the shoot.


Common Issues in Bathroom Photography

Again, it seems like a little project, but can take significant time to get a bathroom in the most flattering light. Some of the common issues to troubleshoot are:

  • Style and Color Selection: Bathrooms can have unflattering color selections, and often styles go out of fashion faster than in other parts of the building.

  • Lighting: For obvious reasons, bathrooms rarely have full outdoor lighting, if any at all. Balancing artificial lighting and any exterior lighting can easily lead to over-bright or dark rooms.

  • Mirrors: Mirrors are not a photographer’s friend. Shots either need to be made at angles to avoid the photographer, or image manipulation software (and skill) needs to be employed.

  • Size: Bathrooms are a necessity, but are often compromised when it comes to planning, leading to cramped spaces that makes shooting difficult.

  • Hidden Attributes: Capturing the extras that like washer and dryers hidden nicely behind doors.


Photography of Commercial Indoor Pools & Locker Rooms

While indoor pools don’t have to deal with the weather as much as their outdoor brethren, they still require planning and creativity to get the perfect shots. Same with locker rooms. Like with bathrooms, it’s important to coordinate with staff to make sure the pool and locker rooms are ready to shoot on photo day.


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