Framing Images to Add Interest and Drama

When it comes to professional photography, framing is a vital tool of the expert photographer. Framing sets the tone of the shot, from giving a story of the interior or exterior, while the items used to frame the shot can give a viewer a better understanding of the location.

Framing as a Tool for Direction

How and what you use to frame a shot can better draw the viewer’s eye to points of interest you want to highlight. It can be used to create expectations, allowing you to in a sequence of photos to draw users through windows or down hallways!

Framing Staff While at Work

Framing a worker with his tools or office staff with their desks allows you to better show the expertise of your workforce. Check out our blog, Personal Touch: Including Staff in Your Photography, for more information on including staff in your professional photography.

Framing to Add Interest to a Shot

While the architecture you’re shooting might be interesting, the area around it from green grass, black asphalt, and blue sky can make the shot bland. Framing with shadows, tree branches, and clouds can help add interest to a barren location.

Framing to Tell Multiple Stories

Every photo should tell a story, but with the right framing, photography can tell multiple chapters in a single image. This can be anything from showing the new things in a parking garage to telling the various ages of a historical place.

Gregg Shupe is always looking for ways to expand upon the story clients are looking to tell with their architecture, people, and more – especially telling multiple chapters in one image. Contact him at Shupe Studios. We provide photography to the homes and businesses of Boston and beyond.