Kitchen Photography: Capturing a Home’s Centerpiece

Every home has rooms on which the whole house turns. When it comes interesting buyers and renters, capturing these centerpieces can spell the difference between bringing people through the door and having them move on. One of these centerpieces is the kitchen: a central part of everyday life. A key room and one that is always a source of pride for a homeowner, visually they have a lot of stories to tell. But can your professional photographer capture it? While this is a topic we’ve covered before, let’s take a more nuanced look.


Working within Tight Constraints

Like with all internal architecture, one of the biggest constraints to photographing is room size. From spacious kitchens to compact ones, finding the right angles to shoot the entire room and its key elements can require some tricky camera work. Something also common in bathroom photography.


Working with Styling in the Kitchen

Another trick in the photographer’s toolbox is stylings: playing with perspective, focus, and texture elements to tell different stories, from focusing on beauty to functionality. It can help any kitchen look more welcoming to the viewer.


Focusing on Key Elements to Tell a Story

Not every shot needs to be of the entire kitchen. Make sure to talk to your photographer about key elements that set your kitchen apart and make sure to also gets shots that focus on those. Great for highlighting automation and other neat toys and tools.


Telling More of The Home’s Story

While you’re showing off your kitchen, why not tell the story in other parts of your home? As we mention in our blog, Framing Images to Add Interest and Drama, you can use perspective to capture multiple subjects and tell multiple stories. Capture not only your great kitchen, but also the connecting rooms!

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