Do You Need Architectural Photography to Sell a Home?

From the largest to smallest home, a lot of money is riding on the line. A large part of finding the best buyer is getting them in the door with a favorable first impression. This is the critical role that architectural photography fills, getting the best shots of your building’s exterior and interior to make people fall in love with your home. Whether you’re a selling homeowner, real estate agent, construction company, or condo/apartment agency, upgrading your photography can help you find the best buyer.


Why Professional Photography Makes All the Difference

It’s true that in this modern era, anyone can take pictures – and there are some very nice smartphone cameras out there. However, that’s what differentiates a professional photographer: they make pictures, not take them. Some key points:

Home Interior Photography

I’ve seen decent home exterior photographed by real estate agents, but it’s often at the expense of interior shots. The rooms of a home suffer from difficult lighting, cramped shooting angles, and framing mean those home interiors are left underwhelming. As this is where potential buyers will be spending almost all of their time, it’s critical to make a good first impression.

Clever Shooting & Post-Processing for Construction, Landscaping, and Clutter

From a newly constructed house or complex to last-minute work done on a previously (or currently) occupied home, there’s often construction still in progress, unfinished landscaping, and unsightly materials and boxes scattered around. While some can be moved, others may need to be removed via digital manipulation, and it’s important to know what changes are acceptable and believable to viewers.


Great Photography with Limited Time Frames

Selling any home is a time-sensitive event, with many stages that once crossed, are gone forever. Working with a photographer who knows what they are doing is critical to making the most of these, from staging rooms for photography while there’s still furnishings to knowing what days and hours will provide the best lighting and weather.


Partnering with a Photographer for Home Photography

Photography for your home – from standalone to condo – should be as professional as all the other parts of the process. Here at Shupe Studios, I have over 37 years’ experience in professional architectural photography throughout New England. Here are a few more related blogs:

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