When Do I Need to Schedule Fall Architectural Photography?

With plants still in full bloom to that beautiful New England month of changing colors, fall can be a magical time for architectural photography. However, fall is also one of the most difficult times to shoot as lighting conditions worse, windows on autumn foliage close, and the already unpredictable weather gets worse. Consider this a piece on the caution of waiting until the last minute to schedule your fall photography.

How Natural Lighting Changes in the Fall

In fall, the days aren’t only getting shorter: the sun angles are changing every day. North surfaces no longer have sun on them, with northwestern surfaces having limited sun. Adjacent buildings can now add long shadows, quickly marring shots eliminating sunniness. This shortens available shooting times. More details on the why and the how in my blog, What’s the Best Time of Day to Photograph a Building?


Weathering the Weather for Photography

New England weather is always interesting, and autumn is no exception. Wind, rain, and even frost can make any scheduled photography day a write-off. As I talked about in my last fall photo showcase, I’ll often need to postpone shoots and rescheduled until I’m able to capture the requested photography, such as blue skies and clear days.


To be a photographer in any season, you have to have a weather eye. But in fall, well you need to actually be a weatherman. With that said, sometimes some shots can be taken even in the diffuse clouded light, or even right after a rainstorm.

Schedule early to avoid “Stick Season” like here.

Schedule early to avoid “Stick Season” like here.

When You Need to Schedule Fall Photography

How about right now? It’s important to understand that the sooner you start your conversation with a photographer, the sooner you can lock down exactly when you can get it. As I’ve mentioned above, reschedules due to weather happen often, and the sooner you get your foot in the door, the sooner you can be ready. There’s a lot of work that needs to get done before a shoot, from performing a walkthrough to staging rooms for a shoot.


Ready to get started? If you need professional architectural photography done this fall, contact me today at Shupe Studios to get them into my schedule, even if there’s construction or landscaping to be done.