When to Shoot Professional Photography in Spring

Are you and your business looking forward to spring? Depending on your field, you may be gearing up or winding down for your busiest season: either way, now is the time to get that professional architectural photography in. However, the question is what part of spring will best capture your property? In this blog, we look over the various factors to consider and what to keep in mind when it comes to photography in the springtime.


Dealing with Construction and Landscaping

For many businesses, spring is the season for renewal – and in more ways than one. Construction projects that were put on hold when the ground freezes; landscaping projects to tally up the winter damage and plant for success: both can turn your ideal landscape into a mess.


Remember to factor in these project timelines when it comes to hiring your photographer. If you need to have photography happen during ongoing construction or landscaping, it’s important to talk to a photographer familiar with shooting around unfinished landscaping and construction.

Audit Your Landscape’s Plants and Trees

Every plant you’ve got on your property has its own timers for when it looks the best. Many plants start spring off little more than sticks and end with beautiful greenery and blooms. It’s important to understand when your landscape will look the best for photography.

Of course, that doesn’t mean shooting early is a bad call. If you find the best shots of your business are often obscured by deciduous trees, shooting in early to mid-spring can have slimmer trees that show off their greenery without covering up your buildings and sight lines.

Spring’s Impact on Outdoor Lighting

With each season come different lighting considerations, both in the span of available time for the lighting, as well as the intensity and quality of the light. As we talk about in our blog, What’s the Best Time of Day to Photograph a Building?, early spring provides some interesting lighting opportunities.


During late fall, winter, and early spring the sun’s light will wan, making twilight shoots more appealing, especially for those hard-to-master north-facing shots. Learn more in our other spring blog, Spring Photography: The Perfect Time for Architectural Photography.

Factoring in Spring Weather on Photography

Lastly, as the old saying mentions, spring is certainly a time for showers, and there’s no exception for New England. It’s important to take this into consideration when planning and booking a photography session. Depending on your needs, it may be required to be flexible for the perfect day.

It helps if your photographer also wears a second hat as a weatherman. If the weather isn’t behaving or you need to shoot by a certain day, it’s very possible to still get beautiful building photography on a rainy day.

If you’re looking to capture the beauty of your business or home this spring, contact Shupe Studios. We’re a Boston-area photography studio specializing in architectural photography for all occasions, with the flexible schedules and post-processing work to make sure your architecture is captured in the perfect light. See more of our work in our photography landscape galley.