Troubleshooting Shots in Architectural Photography

Do you have concerns that your building or site has problems that make it difficult or impossible to get those great photos for you if you hire a professional architectural photographer? Between lighting, angles, and unappealing features of your business or home, it might seem impossible: but trust us, it's not. Here are five things to troubleshoot for the best architectural photography.


1. Unsure Where to Start: Photography Walkthrough

Before you get too worried, talk to a professional. The sign of a great photographer is meeting with them at your facility well before the shooting date to perform a walkthrough. This is a great time to voice concerns and pick their brain on how to solve them, including all the problems below and more.


2. All About Photography Lighting

It’s hard to overstate how important lighting is in all photography, especially when it comes to shots of building exterior and interiors. If you’re having trouble with finding the right light, it could be time to look at different times and seasons to shoot in to get the best results.


3. Shooting in the Wrong Season

Need summer shots for your resort but the only time you can shoot is offseason? Between clever shots and a little digital magic, it can happen. Check out our blog, Photography in Winter: Making Lemons into Lemonade, where we talk about shooting around the snow and post-processing. Same with the weather.


4. Dealing with Building Construction, Damage & Features

Sometimes you need to get photos even when your building isn’t looking its best. This could be ongoing construction or landscape repair: you can shoot around it. It could be minor damage like asphalt cracks or water damage that is being prepared: it can be digitally restored. It’s important to work with your photographer and understand what changes can and cannot be shot around or Photoshopped.


5. Troubleshooting Shooting Angles

Lastly, when it comes to shooting building exteriors and interiors, are you having trouble visualizing how your photographer can get that perfect shot? We’ve got a lot of tools at our disposal: from skills like perspective control and framing, to training on how to use a chopper for the best bird-eyes.

If you’re in the greater Boston area and are having trouble figuring out how a professional photographer can capture the best side of your building – inside and out – it’s time to contact us here at Shupe Studios. Let’s start with a walkthrough to get you the best architectural photography for your home or business.