What Sides of Your Business to Show in Professional Photography?

Any business, from a small office practice to a multinational corporation, doesn’t just have one side to it. From the building your business resides in to the art and technology you’ve stocked within and the working and recreational places you’ve created for staff and visitors alike – all of it shows off aspects of your business. When working with an architectural photographer, it’s important to think about and make active decisions on exploring these sides in your professional photography.

Exterior Photography: Capturing Your Location’s Recognition

In person, the first thing people see about your business is the exterior of your business. Even along, your building is a major representation of your company and your brand. Contrary to the popular saying, people do judge books by their covers, so photos of your exterior must be done right. This includes making sure your photographer knows the best time of day to shoot your building, as well as how to handle the New England weather.

Perspective Shots: Capturing the Creativity, Beauty, and Fun

From the lines of your building to its interior, there’s beauty in your building. One of the major goals of architectural photography is using all the tools in the toolbox to not only show the reality of a building or rooms, but aesthetical shots that help viewers understand how they would feel in a room. Skills like perspective control and framing allow a skilled photographer to turn lobbies and outdoor spaces into more than just a photo.

Interior Photography: Capturing Amenities and Technology

Whether your business is focused on comfort, such as a hotel, or about providing important services, like a hospital, it’s important to impress the features available within. Interior photography can be a big challenge for photographers, so it’s important to work with them to make sure your rooms are ready for the camera. Make sure that any rooms you want to be shot have been staged properly, and that all lighting options have been made available to the photographer.

The Human Element: Showing Off Your Staff

While architectural photography is first and foremost about buildings, adding the human element can make all the difference. In any photography, having people within the shots can add scale and activity. However, within your business, having your staff and patrons in the shots can add so much more:

  • Showing Your Productivity: Having staff in photos going about their normal duties show the activity of your company, from hard at work at computers to zipping down hallways.

  • Highlighting Products and Services: From large-scale machinery to the products you sell, having staff in those shots shows the care and energy your staff brings.

  • The Fun and Creative Side: Show your staff at play, together as a ground, or the activities and actions that set them apart.

See more tips for showing off your staff in my blog, Personal Touch: Including Staff in Your Photography.

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